Canadian origin organic grains cereals and pulses

About Cerealis

At Cerealis inc., we manage a Canadian supply chain from grain growers to destination Ports, so we can deliver on time high-quality products to your door. We trade wheat, corn, soybeans, peas, and other commodities for our clients.

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Meet Our Team

Stephane D’Amato


Founder of Axis Agriculture inc. since 1991. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from McGill University and a law certificate from Laval University. Stephane is a specialist in grain trading and logistics.

Mohamed Harb

Grain Trader

Specialized in grain trading, sales and client management, Mohamed has experience in account management, sales and logistics.

Frederic D’Amato

Market Development

Holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from UQAM and certificates in Marketing and PR from McGill University. Frederic’s expertise are in marketing, market development and client relations.

Ziwei Huang

Administrative assistant

Is a contract execution specialist. She overviews the shipping of cargo from the farm to destination. She is also helping in market development in Asia.

We Offer

Get more than just competitive prices


Our expertise is finding the best producers of organic grains, making sure their products fulfills our quality standards, and using our premium partners for conditioning and containerization. The expertise would be nothing without the passion behind it. At Cerealis, we have both.


We understand that actions speak louder than words. Talk with one of our experts to plan a visit to our office or partners facilities, and to receive samples of organic products we offer. All products comply to technical specifications and traceability, from the farm to destination.

Technology & Transparency

Cerealis uses its own customized trading platform called NAPOLEON, to make sure we always deliver the right products at the right time. Our clients benefit from this technology by having access to many documents such as package tracking, billing, contract information, certificates and more. All our products are traceable. Cerealis and our partners keep track of all the products that comes in and out of our doors, therefore largely reducing the risks of confusion and contamination.


We deliver high-quality service before, during and after the sale. You will always be assisted by a Cerealis specialist. We do not deal with third-party support.


Napoleon is a database software that we have built specifically for Cerealis. This system was made to enhanced communications between everyone involve in the supply chain, from the supplier to the client. Transparency and efficiency are in our core values, which is why we invest in technology such as Napoleon.


Cerealis is an expert in organic grains trading for the food and feed markets. Canadian farmers are the best because of their high-quality grain production capacity. They are at the beginning of our chain and we also have relations with high quality international suppliers if needed. Here’s a partial list of the products we are trading:

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Yellow peas
  • Chickpeas
  • Edible beans
  • Lentils
  • Fababeans

Type of products: Organic, Non-GMO, Feed Grade, Food Grade, Traceability

Available packaging: Container in Bulk, Totes, Bags

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